Position: Head / VP / GM - QA & Testing

Job type: Full time

Salary: Negotiate

Experience: Not Specified

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Job Description :
Role Proficiency:
Independently execute test cases; supporting testing team members in execute test cases
  • Construct test plan and scenarios based on customer requirements
  • Construct and execute systematic test cases by referring to test scenarios for embedded systems based on test specifications or requirements
  • Create automation scripts for test specifications
  • Ensure that new and revised components or systems perform to expectation
  • Document test results and report defects
  • Ensure meeting of standards including usability performance reliability or compatibility
  • Develop proficiency of other testers in project
  • Develop and modify the processes practises and procedures based on lessons learned in the engagement

  • Measures of Outcomes:
  • Timely completion of all task
  • Number of test cases / scripts developed in comparisons to the benchmark
  • Number of test cases / scripts executed in comparisons to the benchmark
  • Number of valid defects
  • Review Function and Software Test Specifications in the expected format.
  • Adherence to project quality processes as per demand.
  • Number of automation scripts created to reduce manual execution time
  • Post team review in comparison with benchmark
  • Adherence to Agile scrum process.

  • Outputs Expected:
  • Participate seek clarifications understand review
  • Certified in ISTQB

  • Test Design
  • Test features and component with good understanding of business problem being addressed for the client
  • Conduct gap analysis between requirement specification and test plan using his/her technology and domain expertise
  • Identify testable module and create test plan document
  • Obtain signoff on test plan
  • Identify and create test cases and test data
  • Conduct Sanity testing for system readiness check
  • Execute test cases and scripts
  • Identify log and track defects
  • Login productivity data

  • Debug:
  • Able to root cause the defects creating a work around for the defects

  • Manage Defects:
  • Regression tests and defect analysis reports

  • Status Reporting:
  • Reporting for the test activities for the team including multiple testers

  • Estimate:
  • Estimate time effort and resource dependence for one’s own work
  • Support lead for team effort estimation

  • Skill Examples:
  • Ability to review requirements to identify ambiguities
  • Skill in developing test plans based on identified embedded module
  • Ability to design test cases / scripts / requirements
  • Ability to apply techniques to design efficient test cases / script
  • Ability to set up the hardware and execute tests
  • Ability to write automation scripts and verify
  • Ability to collaborate with teams

  • Knowledge Examples:
    Knowledge Examples
  • Knowledge of testing tools and testing standards
  • Understanding of tools relevant to embedded systems
  • Knowledge of testing types - unit integration system testing
  • Knowledge on CAN UDS protocol OS Automotive standards.
  • Familiar with Agile Methods - Scrum and Kanban
  • Knowledge on embedded C programming testing concepts python and automation scripts.
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    Deadline: 14-12-2023

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