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Update day: 04-12-2023

Location: Bhilai Chhattisgarh

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Job type: Contract

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We are searching for an exceptional, hands-on kitchen designer to create blueprints for us. The kitchen designer will be required to consider the intended purposes of our kitchen, along with our style preferences, when drafting such plans. You should also ensure adherence to stipulated building and safety codes during each phase of the project.

Kitchen Designer Responsibilitie


1. Meeting to ascertain the intended functions and appearance of our sp

2. Giving careful consideration to the placement of water and electrical systems to ensure sa

3. Creating a plan which details the layout and appearance of all installations and loose furn

4. Suggesting appropriate materials and fi

5. Assisting us to select and supervise the work of independent contractors, so that their duties are conducted in accordance with our

6. Keeping a record of hours and activities c

7. Observing prescribed building and safety re

Kitchen Designer


1. Ba

chelors Degree.
2. Prior experience as a k

itchen designer.
3. Familiarity with appropriate design and vis

ualization tools.
4. Catalog of completed blueprints, plus c

ompleted kitchens.
5. In-depth knowledge of and strict adherence to the are

a’s building codes.
6 .Top-notch communication and cust

omer service skills.
7. Active listening skills and

attention to detail.
8. Excellent organizational and t

ime management skills.
9. Respect for differing opinions, styles, an

d financial situations.
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Deadline: 18-01-2024

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